Modernizing the RAN

Aira Technologies provides three AI-powered solution suites to support Operators.
AI Platform For
Operational Efficiency
25% Improvement In
Energy Efficiency
2x More
Spectral Efficiency


Intent-based GenAI platform for operational efficiency

Aira’s RANGPT is an interface using GenAI to observe, analyze, and automate networks. It’s also used to build, test and deploy simple ML classification and detection models. Together, RANGPT reduces a complex months-long process to just a few days for significant operational efficiency.
Time to Automate from Scratch: Aira
Time to Automate from Scratch: Legacy
Use natural intent-driven language to wrangle and visualize data.
Gain insights with your existing tools and scripts.
Quickly test your potential solutions.
Automate the process and deploy as a network application.
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Energy Management Suite

25% improvement in energy efficiency

Aira’s Energy Management Suite uses AI to optimize MIMO state configuration and transmit power control, along with managing radio states efficiently. The result is improved energy efficiency by ~25%.
Legacy Efficiency
Aira Efficiency
Efficient radio state management
Save energy by ‘cell-locking’ radios without affecting user experience.
Optimized MIMO state configuration
Save energy by dynamically right-sizing your MIMO radios without affecting user experience.
Optimized transit power control
Save energy by transmitting at just the necessary power required to sustain user experience.

Beam Management Suite

2X more spectral efficiency

Aira’s Beam Management Suite is a deep integration with network base stations to more than double spectral efficiency, using AI to improve channel estimation and prediction, calculate beam weight accurately, and improve scheduling.
>2X spectral efficiency
over legacy
Improved Channel Estimation
Custom processing based on user profile (speed, scattering environment, distance from base station etc).
Channel Prediction
Combats channel aging because of user mobility.
Optimal Beam Weight Calculation
Improved directionality of the signal and improved interference suppression.
Improved Scheduling
Cross-layer optimized scheduling.

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