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Dean Brenner joins Aira’s Board of Advisors to accelerate AI-driven RAN modernization.

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Welcome Malick Noor as Chief Revenue Officer, Previously the Market Expansion Leader for Nokia and Tech Mahindra


Meet the Innovators Series by Broadcom: Anand Chandrasekher

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Announcing the world's first AI-based channel estimation and prediction xApp, awarded Telecom Infrastructure Project "Silver Badge."

Aira Technologies provides AI-powered solution suites to support Operators’ operational, energy, and spectral efficiency goals.

Mobile Network Operators
face a massive challenge.

Operators’ economic viability is at risk.

Customers’ ever-growing data consumption creates exponential growth in traffic. MNOs have spent billions in shifting to 5G but gains haven’t materialized. Worse, their customers expect to pay less and get more.

Radio Access Networks (RANs) struggle under a monolithic approach:

Slow innovation.

Since operators must use all RAN elements from the same vendor, they are unable to seek out and use best-in-class RAN elements, slowing innovation.

Non-transferable automation.

Automation Scripts don’t interoperate; so operators aren’t incentivized to try new vendors that require re-writes. The result: slow digitization and modernization.

High cost.

A monolithic approach leads to a potential oligopoly of the RAN vendors, resulting in higher prices for operators.

Aira modernizes the RAN for Operators.


Intent-based GenAI platform for operational efficiency

Aira’s RANGPT is an interface using GenAI to observe, analyze, and automate networks. It’s also used to build, test and deploy simple ML classification and detection models. Together, RANGPT reduces a complex months-long process to just a few days for significant operational efficiency.
Time to Automate from Scratch: Aira
Time to Automate from Scratch: Legacy

Energy Management Suite

25% improvement in energy efficiency

Aira’s Energy Management Suite uses AI to optimize MIMO state configuration and transmit power control, along with managing radio states efficiently. The result is improved energy efficiency by ~25%.
Legacy Efficiency
Aira Efficiency

Beam Management Suite

2X more spectral efficiency

Aira’s Beam Management Suite is a deep integration with network base stations to more than double spectral efficiency, using AI to improve channel estimation and prediction, calculate beam weight accurately, and improve scheduling.
>2X spectral efficiency
over legacy

Aira Partners.


“VMware delivers an SMO and RIC platform that enables CSPs and ecosystem partners to harness the full power of generative AI. This RIC and SMO platform offers flexibility and functionality that enables Aira’s RANGPT to transform RAN automation and optimization across the industry. Our work with Aira aligns to our software-defined edge approach—enabling network programmability and optimizing placement of workloads at the edge.”
Padma Sudarsan, chief of Architecture, Telco, Software-Defined Edge Division, Broadcom.
“AI and machine learning are poised to enhance the operation of virtualized radio access networks, providing new energy and performance efficiencies. Aira is innovating on top of Intel’s vRAN platform by applying their sophisticated AI models to the 5G physical layer to improve RAN performance.”
Cristina Rodriguez, Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Access Networking Division, Intel
“Aira is innovating on Dell infrastructure to improve RAN performance, Harnessing the potential of Generative AI to build new AI and machine learning models will simplify RAN operations and provide new efficiencies for network operators,”
Manish Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies.
“We look forward to partnering with Aira Technologies to bring the world’s first GenAI-based solution for automating and operating the Radio Access Network...This solution represents a significant stride in harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize network planning, design, deployment, and operations. Our partnership with Aira technologies is an excellent testament of how Tech Mahindra is racing ahead with innovation to deliver groundbreaking solutions to our customers,"
Manish Mangal, Global Business Head of 5G and Network Services, Tech Mahindra.

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Aira: The AI Defined Networking Pioneer

We're applying AI to help mobile network operators modernize their existing RAN. Operators can then capture efficiencies in spectrum, energy, and OpEx.

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