Radically re-imagining Wireless Communications using AI

The world around us evolving.

So should our networks.

We utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a self-evolving Cellular RAN stack that is always improving.

A few powerful trends make this necessary.

Data is the new electricity. Smart cities, smart factories, smart hospitals, autonomous vehicles and trillions of connected things will all require reliable data connections putting an enormous stress on the capacity of existing networks.
The demand for immersive and interactive multimedia experiences from remote surgery to mixed reality to peer-to-peer video communications will require new data connectivity paradigms that stretch the capabilities of existing network architectures. e.g., ultra low latency along with extreme data rates.
Realizing the true capabilities of 5G will make the power consumption of existing networks blow-up (for example, massive MIMO, diverse frequency bands, carrier aggregation). To make this progress sustainable, signal processing efficiency needs to be improved by using smart adaptable algorithms and RF efficiency needs to be improved by adopting intelligent energy saving measures.
Aira is fundamentally re-imagining the Radio Access Network (RAN) stack, by embedding AI into every layer to deliver the required performance improvements in a sustainable manner. By using AI, Aira is able to make networks intelligent and self-evolving and ensure that wireless resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Company Vision

Aira’s vision is to harness AI to make every wireless connection better. Aira's software improves wireless performance by processing contextual information already present in the data flowing through mobile networks. This innovation allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to achieve better throughput, coverage and capacity while minimizing power consumption. Consequently, MNOs will be able to improve their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while still offering a stable end-user experience even in high variability environments.
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