Aira Technologies Raises $13M in Equity Financing to Supercharge Wireless Using AI

September 16, 2021

Saratoga, CA; September 16, 2021 – Aira Technologies, an AI software technology startup, announced that it has raised $13M in equity financing led by Neotribe Ventures and Acrew Capital. Aira was founded in 2019 by wireless industry veterans including CEO Anand Chandrasekher (ex-Intel, ex-Qualcomm) and CTO Dr. Ravikiran Gopalan (ex-Bell Labs, ex-Qualcomm) along with well-known wireless researchers Dr. Pramod Viswanath (Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) and Dr. Sreeram Kannan (Professor, University of Washington, Seattle). This round also includes participation from Foothill Ventures and industry angels Ryan Drant (Founding Partner, Questa Capital) and Carl Waldspurger.

Today’s wireless communications are built on a foundation of human-intuition based protocols and analytically tractable approximations. Machine Learning (ML) techniques, powered by real-time data, can provide radical improvements in wireless communications. Aira’s vision is to harness machine learning to make every wireless connection, in every transport, more than 10x better. The company’s technology provides breakthrough benefits in battery life, latency and reliability. For example, using Aira’s technology, wireless ear-buds can dramatically improve performance while also improving battery life; the same holds for any wearable device from glucose monitors to hearing aids.

“Traditional techniques to improve wireless have reached the point of diminishing returns. We are a company founded on the premise that machine learning techniques applied to real-time data, can provide radical improvements in wireless communications. We have already demonstrated the potential of our technology, and are excited to be able to scale our technology with this additional funding. All of our lives are increasingly connected – work/learn/health/play have all become hybrid. Everything and everyone is more connected. This puts a premium on wireless reliability, security, and throughput more than ever before. Our mission is to utilize machine learning to make all wireless connections better,” said Aira Technologies CEO Anand Chandrasekher.

“AI and Machine Learning have been instrumental in changing the way image recognition is done today and created many new businesses. We see similar tremendous potential for Aira’s core capabilities in applying ML to wireless. We were excited to be their first investor and are very excited to participate in this next round to take the technology to the next level” said Swaroop (Kittu) Kolluri, Founding Managing Partner at Neotribe Ventures.

“Aira’s technology paves the way to a truly wireless and connected world. At Acrew, we’re strong believers in leveraging data to completely rethink the way things are done. We were blown away by Aira’s groundbreaking technology and the world of new use cases it represents,” said Asad Khaliq, Founding Partner at Acrew Capital.

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