Aira Technologies demonstrates ML-based Dynamic Radio Network Management to Drive Dramatic Energy Efficiency for 4G/5G Networks with AWS and Juniper Networks®

February 23, 2023

Aira Technologies’ rApp, built and deployed on AWS, utilizes cutting-edge proprietary machine learning algorithms to dramatically improve energy efficiency (up to 20% in initial simulations) and total cost of ownership

SARATOGA, CALIFORNIA, FEBRUARY 23, 2023 – Aira Technologies, a pioneer in the application of machine learning (ML) to radically improve wireless telecommunications, today announced that together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Juniper Networks, and Viavi, they will be demonstrating their ML-based Dynamic Radio Network Management solution at Mobile World Congress 2023 to help mobile network operators (MNOs) reduce RAN energy consumption.

With rising energy costs, MNOs are under greater pressure to uncover energy efficiencies that won’t compromise network performance, incur added costs, or impact customer satisfaction. Aira developed a ML-based Dynamic Radio Network Management application (rApp) that was built using AWS ML services and runs atop the Juniper® RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC). The RIC gets the necessary inputs via the O1 interface of the Open RAN. For legacy RAN, these inputs are available via the Element Management Systems (EMS). This means the rApp can deliver advanced 5G energy savings capabilities to both Open RAN and Legacy RAN. The rApp, together with the Juniper RIC, is hosted on AWS.

“Aira is built on the premise that the application of ML to all layers of the RAN infrastructure stack can deliver breakthrough performance benefits to the operator community. What we have been able to achieve here showcases three very important things – the power of the Open RAN movement to accelerate innovation; the extraordinary potential for ML in cutting-edge wireless applications; and the possibility for enormous energy efficiency improvements in 4G and 5G cellular networks.” said Anand Chandrasekher, co-founder and CEO of Aira Technologies. “We look forward to continuing our work with AWS and Juniper Networks to make cellular networks significantly more energy efficient.”

“Modern mobile networks are supporting ever-increasing demands for wireless throughputs with advanced, highly configurable features. These features are also driving up the energy footprint of these networks. Optimally configuring these features to minimize energy consumption without negatively impacting the overall user experience presents an extremely formidable multi-dimensional optimization problem.” said Ravikiran Gopalan, co-founder and CTO of Aira Technologies. “Aira is applying a machine learning-powered, data-driven approach to solve this problem. We are very excited to work with AWS and play a part in making future mobile networks greener.”

The Juniper RIC platform has been built with a clear focus on open interfaces and multi-vendor interoperability, enabling innovative companies such as Aira Technologies to run a broad variety of innovative rApps/xApps.

“We believe strongly in the potential of accelerating innovation and monetization of the RAN through network programmability and dynamic optimization via the RIC platform. We are pleased with our work together with the Aira team on their energy optimization rApp.” said Constantine Polychronopoulos, Group VP, 5G and Telco Cloud, Juniper Networks. “We look forward to continuing our work with Aira to showcase this capability and to bring these and other innovations to market this year.”

We invite you to visit us at the AWS booth (Upper Walkway, South Entrance at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via) at Mobile World Congress 2023 to see the technology in action.

About Aira Technologies

Aira Technologies, an AI software technology startup was founded in 2019 by wireless industry veterans including CEO Anand Chandrasekher (ex-Intel, ex-Qualcomm) and CTO Dr. Ravikiran Gopalan (ex-Bell Labs, ex-Qualcomm) along with well-known wireless researchers Dr. Pramod Viswanath (Professor, Princeton University) and Dr. Sreeram Kannan (Professor, University of Washington, Seattle). Aira’s vision is to harness machine learning to make every wireless connection, in every transport, more than 10x better. To that end, the company has assembled a team with a rare combination of 5G wireless technology and cutting-edge AI expertise. It is one of the very few companies that can harness the power of Machine Learning to improve wireless communications using real-time data from mobile networks. For more information, please visit

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