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Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

Former senior vice president for global business at Qualcomm; former senior vice president at Deutsche Telekom; former executive vice president of strategy for T-Mobile; professor of AI, Innsbruck Austria; AI advisor to McKinsey and United Nations; and former and current non-executive director at multinationals including FreightOne, easyJet PLC, and Dun & Bradstreet.

Reed Hundt


Former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); Board Member of Intel Corporation (2001-2020); Board of Connecticut Green Bank (2011-2018); advisor to venture capital, private equity, for-profit and non-profit firms; taught at Yale Law School and School of Management; and author of several books.

Hossein Moiin

Dr. Hossein Moiin


Former CTO and chief strategy officer at Nokia and key contributor to LTE standard, highly influential in shaping the mobile industry. Board adviser to leading companies on 5G.

Dr. Bertrand Hochwald

Freimann Professor of Electrical Engineering and Co-Director of Wireless Institute, University of Notre Dame; and a central figure in the development of MIMO technology while at Bell Labs. 

Negus Photo

Dr. Kevin J. Negus

Former CTO Fastback Networks, former CTO Proxim Wireless, former FCC advisor, investor, advisor and/or board member at over 30 VC funded startups, professor of electrical engineering at Montana Tech University with over 40 technical papers and 80 patents.

Jim Doh

Former Qualcomm Vice Chairman and head of Asian operations Jim retired from Qualcomm after 20 years and presently splits his time between California and South Korea.